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Position: Executive Recruiter

Most of the Account Executives with Management Recruiters were not contemplating joining a search firm prior to entering this profession.

Often in life we reach a point, either through our decision or because of factors outside our control, where we sit back and decide if what we have been doing is going to allow us to meet our long term goals.

For those who have the right skill set, being a Account Executive with Management Recruiters provides both financial and intellectual fulfillment.

What is the position of AE with Management Recruiters of Lexington?

To satisfy the requirements of hundreds of employer clients with the skills of thousands of people who seek new horizons.

The Organization:
Management Recruiters of Lexington is one of the top offices (recognized as a member of the President's Club every year since inception of the award) with MRINetwork™, the world' s largest executive search firm. MRINetwork has over 1000 offices plus affiliated offices in Europe and Asia.

The Economic Basis for our Business:
Outstanding talent is the most valuable asset an organization can possess. Hiring talent can be costly. Consider the costs of advertising, pre-screening, telephoning, interviewing, testing, travel, etc. Rarely does an employer hire a qualified candidate on the first try. As the process is repeated, costs escalate rapidly and can far exceed our entire service fee. Not only can we save the employer money, we also provide exceptional candidates who would not be attracted through traditional advertising. We can do a more cost effective and far better job for employers than they can do for themselves.

How do you measure up?
We seek extraordinary individuals with the following qualifications:

  • People who want remuneration and advancement in direct proportion to their performance.
  • People whose drive to succeed has no limits, and whose initiative will carry them far beyond the goals of the average person.
  • People who are-starters, after training, can work on their own and constantly seek to improve themselves.
  • People eager to learn from the experience of others, and who draw on the total resources of an international organization.
  • People who are articulate, aggressive, mentally alert and well organized.
  • People with empathy and strong ego drive.
  • And finally, people who enjoy the prestige earned in their day-to-day dealings with business associates and friends.

If you're this kind of person, fax a message to 859-269-6400 or email your reply to Kent Simpson.